1.european wide kitchen-network-meeting Hambach Forest

Since six years people fight for the forest. Since then activists occupied the Hambacher Forst, a forest between Cologne and Aachen, that is close to be completely gone in favor of the biggest lignite mine of Europe. From October on RWE is planning to evict more than 40 occupied treehouses to cut down the 12.000 year old forest (140 of 200 hectare). That makes it necessary to stop the huge capitalistic cooperation in every possible way from destroying our autonomous free space.

This year the mobilization campaign expects a few thousand people, that are gonna come to the forest in autumn for what is most likely to be the last cutting season. The cutting season starts as every year at 1. October and ends in the end of February.

Us, Alf Partout, appeal to all political kitchens of Europe to support us with that challenge we cannot face alone. Invited are especially Küfas from the Cologne, Bonn, Aachen area and of whole Northern Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland, as well as all people that are interested. We want to be as many people as possible that can work hand in hand and cook together during the cutting season starting in October.

On the 14th July there is the 1.european wide kitchen-network-meeting in the Hambach forest close to Cologne. We’re going to think about financing, organization of supplying the food and infrastructure as well as decentral places for support. If you already have concrete ideas, contacts for food or finances, you’re very welcome to share them.

We will meet at the “Rundhaus” on the meadow at 12.o’ clock and will be together the whole day. We try to organize a Brunch and dinner. If you want to stay over for the night bring tents and sleeping bags! Detailed instructions for finding the way you can find hier.

Other dates are the 11.August and 15. September, the location is gonna be decided on our first meeting and announced afterwards. The meetings are gonna be organized in such a way that people can join in any time. A list of materials that we still need is hier. We are happy if this list gets spread and published in other context also.

We hope many people are gonna join us and please tell us if you’re coming either via E-Mail or by phone +49157/80940922, so we can calculate.

Spread the word!


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